Jon Hanauer

Jon Hanauer is a certified Sexological Bodyworker through the Institute for the Advance Study of Human Sexuality. He is also a certified Tantric Educator, Living Food Chef and Trance Dance Facilitator. Jon has been in private practice and co-teaching with Jaiya for 5 years. His wisdom and big heart are the keys to his success as an educator and intimate.

Jon is the co-author of "Red Hot Touch" published by Broadway Books and the e-book "“You’re Sexy When you Eat Like That". He is currently working on his own book and a screenplay.

"Each day my gratitude is deepened and expanded when I feel how my work is assisting people in their efforts to change their lives. All my training has brought me to an understanding of energy that allows me to guide people through simple techniques and get extraordinary results. My work is centered in, surrounded by and flows from Love. Doing this work brings great fulfillment for me and my clientele, it also brings responsibility. My responsibility to myself is to create an experience from my heart. My responsibility to you is in creating an atmosphere of safety, for healing and the exhilaration of transformation. My responsibility to you is to lead you into pleasure and playfulness, into personal power and into the knowledge of your unlimited energy."-Jon Hanauer

To learn more about Jon visit www.tantrabodies.com

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